Tech Bulletin 12 (Aug 2015) Fire Rated Cable for Sprinkler I.O Devices

Tech Bulletin 12 (Aug 2015) Fire Rated Cable for Sprinkler I.O Devices

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AS1670.1 (2004) requires that the signal path from the sprinkler pressure switch or the flow switches where the sprinkler system does not utilise a pressure switch, to the Fire Indicate Panel (FIP) shall be fire rated to WS51W

It has come to the attention of DFES that fire alarm agents are installing I/O devices at the sprinkler valve set/s and that these I/O devices are not fire rated.

That compromises the integrity of the fire rated path from the sprinkler pressure switch, or flow switch, to the FIP.

Flow switches are not required to be connected using WS51W cable unless the system does not use a pressure switch, in which case all flow switches shall be connected to the FIP using WS51W fire rated cable

Therefore, DFES advise that all future DBA connections will be rejected if the I/O installed at the valve set/s is not installed within a fire rated enclosure or junction box.

In addition, there is some ambiguity where an addressable network is installed as to what part of the path has to be fire rated to WS51W.

DFES require that the one side of the network path shall be fire rated to the

last I/O where a sprinkler or flow switch is being connected. The ‘return’ path may be either non fire rated or fire rated as seen fit by the installer.

For further advice or clarification re this matter, contact the DBA Contracts Manager at DFES on 08 9395 9865 or 0408 958 483, or email [email protected]