Tech Bulletin 15 (May 2017)

QuickPoll Implementation

DFES advises that “QuickPoll’, a new single path mobile wireless communications technology, has been assessed by the CSIRO as compliant to AS4428.6 and the applicable sections of AS1670.3.

Rollout project will commence in early July 2017 and will be deployed in stages throughout July 2017. The QuickPoll project will be managed by DFES’s DBA contractor, Fire Alarm Monitoring Services (FAMS), and it does not require engagement from the end user or Fire Service Agent (FSA).

DFES will therefore no longer require a redundant terrestrial based solution, i.e. PSTN or NBN connection, where the site reliability required by AS1670.3 is being achieved using QuickPoll.

However, it may be that where a site has poor wireless mobile signal strength, then DFES will be required to connect to the NBN or PSTN to ensure compliance to AS1670.3

DFES will require that all effort has been made to enable wireless connectivity solutions to be utilised, (i.e. a High Gain antenna has been installed) prior to connecting to the NBN or PSTN. FAMS will contact the end user in these cases, and consider available options.

With this in mind, DFES issued Technical Bulletin 14 earlier this year, mandating to industry that the FSA will install a coaxial antenna cable in all buildings that have or will apply to be connected as a DBA. Having the coax pre-installed will mitigate any delays with having the DBA connected if the wireless strength is poor at time of connection, or if the wireless strength deteriorates after the DBA is connected.

For further advice or clarification re this matter, contact the DBA Contracts Manager at DFES on 08 9395 9865 or 0408 958 483, or email [email protected]