Direct Brigade Alarm Monitoring Service Outage Notice – 17th of October, 2019 (10 minutes)

Direct Brigade Alarm Monitoring Service Outage Notice


As a result of planned maintenance by the telecommunications provider, the Direct

Brigade Alarm fire alarm monitoring system in Western Australia is subject to a brief

outage on the 17th of October 2019 between 01:00 AM to 06:00 AM. The outage is

likely to be for a 10-minute period within this time window.


This outage will delay the Department of Fire and Emergency Services from receiving

Direct Brigade Alarm activations or faults.


All persons responsible for a building or premises with a Direct Brigade Alarm (Code

Red) Alarm Signalling Equipment (ASE):


1. should be aware of this outage;

2. form their own risk management strategy to deal with the outage;

3. not rely on the Direct Brigade Alarm to transmit an Alarm during the planned

outage period;


All emergency and fire events will require a “000” call for assistance during the planned



When the Network is restored, queued signals will be transmitted to DFES.

Direct Brigade Alarm clients should refer to section 13 of the End User Agreement

which outlies the risks and responsibilities in the event of a network failure or


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